Chapter History

Peterborough Chapter

The Peterborough Chapter was organized on June 16, 1910, in Peterborough, New Hampshire, with thirty-nine members. Named for the town, the chapter was organized by Bethia Ames Alexander.

Past Chapter Regents Term
Bethia Ames Alexander 1910-1912
Nellie Farrar Cummings 1912-1914
Annie Colburn Jellison 1914-1915
Hattie Howard Miller 1915-1916
Anna Clark Tenney1916-1917
Alice Lovejoy Taggart 1917-1918
Lenora J. Smith Hunter 1918-1920
Etta M. Smith 1920-1921
Nellie Marsh Thomas 1921-1922
Eva Wilkins Derby 1922-1923
Martha E. Cutler1923-1924
Flora Barber Ware 1924-1925
Sophia Taggart Needham 1925-1926
Mary Ellen Knight 1926-1927
Emma Pettee Cummings 1927-1930
Ethel C. Grimes 1930-1931
Ina M. Tenney 1931-1932
Ariel B. Cutler 1932-1933
Beth Adams1933-1934
Clara M. Townsend 1934-1935
Bessie M. Kemp 1935-1936
Lelia T. Harrington 1936-1937
Eva M. Davis 1937-1939
Charlotte F. Lawrence Low 1939-1940
Harriett Hammond Forbes 1940-1941
Bertha Holt Carr 1941-1942
Marion Perkins Peirce1942-1943
Vada Marion Kemp 1943-1944
Beatrice Whittemore Lewis 1944-1945
Mildred Bagley Diamond 1945-1946
Ethel Grimes Sweeney 1946-1949
Effie Prichard Moore 1949-1952
Marion Howes Lambert 1952-1955
Lena Prichard Safford 1955-1958
Bertha Greenwood Clark 1958-1961
Alice Nichols Carll 1961-1963
Margaret Hallett Lang 1963-1965
Helen Reed Peterson1965-1967
Louise Harriman Taylor 1967-1970
Mabel Pneuman Wardwell 1970-1974
Harriet Bartram Tarrant 1974-1976
Lucy Elinor Blair 1976-1980
Jeannette O. Stahl 1980-1982
Lucy Blair 1982-1984
Carole Morse Bradley 1984-1986
Irene Ewen Thibault 1986-1988

Mary Varnum Platts Chapter

The Mary Varnum Platts Chapter was organized on May 2, 1945, in Rindge, New Hampshire, by Alice Todd MacInnis, and was named for Mary Varnum Platts.

Mary Varnum was born in Rowley, Massachusetts, about 1705. She married Captain Abel Platts on April 21, 1725, and in 1728, the family moved to Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Captain Platts worked with Nathan Hayward's surveying party to mark the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In 1742, Captain Platts purchased a tract of land in Rindge, New Hampshire.

pixWhile the French and Indian War hindered their initial efforts to build, the Platts moved to Rindge in 1751; making Mary Varnum Platts the first woman settler of Rindge. Mary died sometime after 1777 and is buried on the farm near Pool Pond. Her grave is unmarked. Abel is buried at the Meeting House in Rindge.

Past Chapter Regents Term
Alice Todd MacInnis 1945-1948
Dorothy A. Flagg 1948-1949
Grace Ferguson 1949
Amy Belle Rice 1949-1950
Beatrice W. Elliott 1950-1953
Martha Rieunels Hale 1953-1954
Mrs. James B. Petty 1954-1956
Nola Coombs Fitzgerald 1956-1959
Ruby Rowella Troup 1959-1962
Elizabeth Scott Doty Sawyer 1962-1964
Florence Gibson Whippie 1964-1966
Betty Sherwin Pangborn 1966-1969
Elizabeth W. Sampson 1969-1972
Betty Sherwin Pangborn 1972-1974
Barbara Williams Nichols 1974-1977
Wilma Hale Jewell 1977-1980
Dr. Coral Grout 1980-1981
Alice C. Lamont Stearns 1981-1988

Mary Varnum Platts - Peterborough Chapter

The two chapters merged on June 1, 1988, to form the Mary Varnum Platts - Peterborough Chapter.

Past Chapter Regents Term
Alice C. Lamont Stearns 1988-1991
Mary Louise Sanders Chamberlain 1991-1998
Phyllis Hall Whitaker 1998-2001
Carol Ruth Naas2001-2007
Doris Lovelace Glendinning 2007-2016